No May socks either

Nope.  None.  Nada.

Although I had high hopes for working on socks in May, it just didn’t happen.  KLM said no knitting needles, so I put them all in checked baggage.  Then I find out that “no knitting needles” actually meant “no metal knitting needles”, since there was a nice Dutch lady across from the aisle from me, busily working on a scarf.  Once in Italy, I found it easier to occasionally spin on my spindle and juggle wine, bread, cheese, and assortment than it was to knit.  I know, how silly was that?  I didn’t get much spinning done either.

Maybe I’m done with the socks thing for the year, and will only get the occasional sock completed instead of the wild binge in the first few months.  I’ve gotten all the tweaks out of my system for the time being.

One thought on “No May socks either”

  1. Airlines really should learn to be more specific in their regulations. How sad to lose all that knitting time!

    Next time I fly, I’m packing toothpicks and floss. I’ll knit Abby or Aden a shawl for one of their dolls. Take that, airline industry!

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