Microwave Dyed Silk Cap and Knitted Shawl in ProgressHey Grace! Guess what I’m making for Iris? I’m knitting a play shawl for Iris from the silk cap that I dyed during Rainbow Dyeing with the Microwave workshop that I took with Barbara Bitetto at The Shepherd’s Extravaganza. (Click on picture for enlarged view.) This is one of the items that I dyed during the workshop. I just poured a bunch of leftover dyes around the classroom at the end of the class into a ziploc bag with my wetted silk cap. Closed it, and squished it around before putting it into the microwave until the dye has completelly taken up.

Anyway, I’m pulling a small bit of roving out and knitting directly from it. I’ve only seen this done but never tried it myself. What fun! If you have chapped hands, make sure that they are well lubricated or you’ll catch on all the little silk filaments.

Fuzzy Feet Update — I suppose is time to update this. They are finished, but we weren’t happy with the fit of these. Martin’s were a little too tight, even after I dried them with his shoe tree (wrapped in plastic bags). I didn’t like the feeling of the slippers slipping off my heel. So, we found homes for both of them. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them before I gave them away.

Martin’s went to his brother (just in time for an early birthday present), and mine went to Martin’s great niece, Abby. Abby needs to feel like a princess right now. The entire family is down in Guatemala to finish the adoption process of her new brother and sister. After being an only child for 3 years, she now has to share. I thought the bright pink slippers with the colorful trim would be perfect for play time. I hope so. She’s going to have some tough times ahead.