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New Sockies!

I love my new socks! These are supposed to be my travel/meeting knitting, but I couldn’t resist. I pulled them out this week and finished them. I stopped every couple of rows to admire the hand spinning, the plying, and the stripes, and …

Yarn: hand spun (source unknown at this moment, because the tag is up at the cottage, but it was acquired at OFFF this past September); chain plied; 14 wpi
Needles:US #0 (2 mm)
Gauge: 7.5 spi
Pattern: My generic toe-up socks with figure 8 cast on; increased up to 64 sts; short row heel; and sewn bind-off.
Yardage: Unknown, but I used just shy of 2.75 oz. I still have 2.5 oz of this yarn. Enough to make some footies. (I’m sure I have it scribbled on the fiber tag, but it’s up at the cottage.)

Update (30 Jan): I found a picture of the fiber tag that I took after my shopping expedition to OFFF. The roving is from Sarah Anderson of Great Balls of Fiber. The fiber is 5.5 oz. of 80/20 Merino/Tussah in “Purple People Eater” colorway. No wonder it’s so beautiful and soft!

I started with 12 sts (figure 8 cast on with 2 circs), and used a short row heel. I normally decrease the heel down to the same number of casted on stitches, but this time, the heel was too wide. So, I ripped it out and went down to 8. Why 8, I don’t know. Now, the heel is too pointy. I kind of feel like Goldilocks. Next time, I’ll work down to 10 sts. That should be juuuust riiight.

On the second sock, I was having serious issues with rowing out on the heels. So, I ripped yet again, and reworked the heel with US #00 (1.75 mm). Much better.

I love these socks because it is the most consistent sock yarn I’ve spun to date. The grist is consistent through out. It’s slightly over spun, which I like for sock yarn. I love the way the chain ply preserved the colors. I love the stripes.

In fact, I love it so much that I immediately casted on another pair of socks using some more hand spun yarn!

This time, it’s Superwash Wool from Crown Mountain Farm’s Superwash Merino in “Say A Little Prayer” color way. I last used this for a baby blanket, but I also bought enough to make some socks. I spun the yarn for a regular 3 ply, but this ball is 60 grams of chain plied yarn from the dregs of the bobbins. That should be enough for some anklets.

Why is it that knitting socks with your own hand spun seems to go much faster than knitting the same socks with commercial yarn? Especially since I keep stopping to admire my own handiwork!


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  1. Kim

    Socks are back! I knew a sock knitter wouldn’t be able to stay away from them for long.

    Knitting socks is like some kind of drug. A powerful one. One that I can’t say ‘no’ to.

    Perhaps I should be grateful I don’t know how to spin so I’m prevented from spending even more hours knitting up handspun socks? (Or, perhaps I should feel bad for myself for the same reason?) :)

    Love the socks, Ann. They’re gorgeous, and your handspun looks divine.

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