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Workshop Scraps

Over the years, I’ve attended a lot of retreats and spinning workshops. Between the fiber samples in goody bags and the fiber from the various workshops that we didn’t have time to spin up, I have a lot of bits and bobs. A lot. Bins of them. I have two shoe boxes alone of just cotton. Another box or two of a variety of silks. The rest are anything from wool with a lot of character (yes, too coarse for this princess) to blends that contain anything and everything from silk, mohair, quivit, cashmere. You name it. Add to it the samples vendors tuck in with your orders, and you have a lot of small amounts of fiber.

What do you do with all these bits?

WorkshopScrapsEver since this gorgeous blanket came across my radar last year, I’ve been obsessed with doing something similar. Since I am too impatient to wash, dye, and spin the fiber *, I decided on turning all those workshop scraps into my own variant of the Scraps blanket. I’m using Vivian Høxbro’s Domino Knitting recipe.

And yes! I have dedicated one of my little Turkish Delight to this project. I think it is Pink Ivory. It’s about an ounce so it can take the full variety of wools from extra fine merino to a very robust primitive wool.

This will definitely be a long term project. Check back in a few years.

* I may still make a blanket start to finish from a raw fleece. Goodness knows I have enough fleeces in stash for the project.




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  1. Years is optimistic. ;-)

    I found bins of scraps for collage quilts that I set aside over a decade ago.

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