Timber Frame – 2

Timber Frame Vest before stitchingWoo Hoo! Today was my last day of work for 5, count ’em, 5 whole weeks! My (former) manager was still not talking to me, but I’m coming to terms that it’s him, not me. He chose to take my decision to move on personally, as a betrayal of our friendship, which it wasn’t. As a co-worker keeps reminding me, it’s all about me. Me, me, me, me, me … and my sanity, my health, my marriage, my goals, in short, me.

Anyway, guess how I’m going to celebrate my first day of the sabbatical? Yeah, the title and the picture (click on the picture for a larger view) gave it away. I’m going to sew up the sleeves and collar of the Timber Frame and, gasp, cut it. I finally got the last inch or so finished this evening, with lots of help from EliSpot. She kept wanting to crawl into the center of the body tube, which made it impossible to turn the work.

The stitches aren’t very even because of the two handed knitting. It got more and more even as I got used to it. I’m hoping that the uneven-ness will disappear once I wash it. See Timber Frame entry for a picture of the inside.

I know that I don’t want drop sleeves for the vest, but a more standard curved armholes. But I can’t decide it I want a V Neck or a rounded neck. I generally like a V Neck, but the last few days of scooting reminded me that I need to have something that helps block the wind at the V of my jacket. I’m not very good at remembering to wear one of my scarves. So, I think I’ll be going with the round neck line.

I still have some yarn left over. I think I will make a matching pill hat with it. If there are still leftovers, perhaps a pair of voodoo for next fall/winter.

On the spinning side, I’m working my way through hand carding and spindling 8 ounces of Suffolk that I got from my guild. The Golding spindle is an absolute joy to spin with.