L'EnveloppeWarm weather has hit in my part of the world and the AC is cranking in my office.

Actually, it’s worse than that. I found out the proximity of my office mate’s computer & monitor to the thermostat is causing the AC to run at 100% maximum 100% of the time. This means that my office, and specifically my desk (direct line from the vent) is about 60F.

This should ward off the chills in the office. I’m not fond of the color. It looks very washed out. I’ll wear it for a while but it might be headed for a dye bath in the near future.

The key to this pattern is drape. The recommended gauge for this yarn is 17 st/4″. I knit this at 14 sts/4″.

For a 100% silk (noil) yarn, there is sure a lot of grass bits in the yarn.

Garter stitch with big needles makes very fast knitting. There is enough stuff going on that kept my interest but still easy enough that it is great TV knitting. I like this well enough that I might make another…