While I had the sewing machine out, I decided to work on a scraps project I had on the back burner for a while now.

Below are some of my less than successful samples early in my weaving career. I have no idea why I kept them. Good reminders, I guess of when the sett is not quite right, or when you beat too hard. But I did keep them, just like I still have some of my early hand spun yarn.


I had thoughts of turning them into pot holders after buying some pot holders in Italy. Yes, I bought pot holders while I was in Italy. Those were made from scraps of linen. I love them. They remind me of my visit to the weaving studio.

So, with these in hand, I cut up an old terry towel as “batting” and off I went.


These won’t win a beauty contest anytime soon, but I will enjoy using them.

What do you do with your hand woven scraps?