MItered Non-Cross Blanket

This was a part time project that took over 18 months to do. I mostly worked on it at night just before bed. In November, I pushed through the last bit to finish it. It coincided with the cold weather. Imagine that.

Modifications / Notes

  • I didn’t make crosses. I did change colors occasionally when I felt like it. Without the crosses I had over 250 ends to weave in. I can’t imagine what it would be like with the crosses!
  • I stacked the blocks instead of staggering them.
  • I worked a single round of slip stitch crochet around the entire block before I started the attached i-cord border. I used the instructions from The Purl Bee. That one yarn over is well worth the extra work. It prevented the line of the background border color from showing through. The yo is easier to pick up and slip by picking up the yo from behind the right hand needle.

The project hit a tedium about 9 months ago and I didn’t touch it for months. But now that it’s done, I have withdrawals. It is a nice mindless project that is portable enough to take to meetings. I’m already thinking about making another one.