House Slippers

Fall is approaching. I can feel the nip in the air. In my area, that means there can be as much as a 40F swing between day time high and night time lows. I normally go barefoot around the house, or wear flip flops. Unfortunately, that gets a bit cold during the fall and winter. While I do love my Haflinger Slipper Clogs, they are sometimes just a bit too warm and too clunky. Also, the last time I had the felt insole replace, it just wasn’t as sturdy and soft as the original. They wore through in a single season.

Also, I can’t wear those slipper clogs at the loom. I like to feel my treadles. But bare feet get really cold. I wear socks in the winter. But I glide on my treadles so I worry about wearing through my socks too much.

Last winter, I tried out a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Foldable Flats. I loved them…except… the bottom was so thin that it didn’t really protect me when the floor is really cold. And the top of the foot is too exposed. I ended up wearing socks with them. That worked well but it was a hassle because slipping them off meant slipping both sock and flats off. Putting them back on meant that they had to be close to each other. Yes, I considered sewing them onto a pair of socks.

This winter, I want to try something different.

I am going to make a few pairs of Turkish Bed Socks to wear around the house. Then I’m going to cover the bottom with scrap suede from the leather shop of one pair and Plasti Dip another pair. I’ll see which I like better.

Stay tuned!