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Just Say No

My sister and I called a moratorium on gift giving several years ago. We both have a lot more “stuff” than we really need. And I have a nasty habit of just getting things that I want when I want it, especially since I don’t have to save some for Martin to buy for me.

It’s been great. But, that doesn’t prevent me from thinking, “oh, this would be really great for…” and get overly optimistic.

Last week, I had this great idea of spinning a little something, knit up a few “quick” little items, and have them ready as Christmas presents. Oh, and perhaps knit a few of mini-Christmas stockings and fill it will small stocking stuffers for the ladies at card night.  After all, if I didn’t hit the malls and buy anything (use stash only), it doesn’t count, does it?

Thankfully, sanity hit before I got sucked into that rabbit hole of time pressure. It takes the fun out of it. Before you know it, you resent the giftee before you finish your project.

So, I’m saying “No!” to the insanity of handmade Christmas/Hanukkah presents.


Preparing Hand Painted Silk for Spinning


Artisan’s Vest

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  1. That’s so true about trying to knit or weave gifts for everyone for the holidays! I fell into that trap last year. My brother has started giving a donation to a charity (of his choice) instead of sending a gift. That seems too impersonal to me and I miss the gift-giving. My brother-in-law’s very large family has a $10-gift grab-bag party that is a lot of fun for everyone, though my sister says it is getting harder and harder to find an appropriate $10 gift. But I still prefer the simple, thoughtful, personal gift that says you have been thinking about the giftee and have paid attention to what it is they like and don’t like. It’s still the thought that counts.

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