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Musings on FOs

I created a new blog category for finished objects and went back through the archives to tag all appropriate entries with the FO tag.  I realized a few things.  For a blog that is supposed to track my fiber pursuits, I am really bad at documenting my completed objects, let alone actually taking and posting pictures of the said objects.  According to my posts, I only have about 53 finished objects in the 5 years since I started my blog.  I know that can’t be true.  I also noted that there are several mentions of finished objects without photo documentation. Sigh.  I’ll need to do better from that perspective.

But it also caused me to question the definition of “finished object” especially in light of someone who dabbles in various stages of fiber prep.  Is a finished object only in terms of the final wearable piece of object?  What if that object was made of fiber that was spun?  Can the spun fiber (yarn) stand on its own as a finished object?  What if you dyed the fiber?  Does the dyed fiber constitute as a completed object?  Can each stage along the way from your purchase to the final object be considered as a finished object?

No, stay with me here.

As I’ve stated in the past, I often spin for the sake of spinning — no usage in mind.  So, wouldn’t the spun fiber be considered my finished object?  And if months or years from now, I decided to take that yarn and make something with it, does it become a finished object a second time?  What if I dyed the fiber myself?  How many times can I call something a finished object?  And can you imagine the possibilities if you weave cloth?  Where does it stop?


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  1. I would assume that the fiber arts are no different than any other kind of art in that there is never a finish until the artist says, “I’m finished.” If your intention is to spin, then when you are done spinning you have a finished object. If your intention is to spin some yarn for a particular sweater, then your finished object is the finished sweater. But in all cases, the decision is yours.

    And I for one would be happy to see any photos of your work that you care to post, finished or not.

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