On my long flights to and from my diving vacation in Komodo Islands, Indonesia, I brought along Kozue. It was perfect because it is just plain old stockinette stitch.

There are 3 rows that require some attention every so often (per pattern, 4 times throughout the shawl). The set up row for the trees, the pattern row, and then the row after the pattern row. The pattern row is what makes the “trees” or lace portion of the fabric and it requires a cable needle. It was a little challenging on the plane because I needed to make sure that I didn’t accidentally drop the Wanda on the plane while everyone else around me is sleeping.

As for the trees, the instructions said to twist it for 720°. For some reason, I wasn’t paying attention for the first pattern row and ended up only twisting it 540°. The second pattern row has the correct twist and I can see that the tree is more formed and less sleazy. The difference, however, is not enough for me to rip back and start over. So, I will continue on.

So far, I am loving this project. The shawl is very very drapey and has a great hand. Thank you, Gail, for suggesting this project.

Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Atropos, 100% Bombyx Silk Laceweight
Colorway: June 2010 Yarn Club (icy lavender and yellow)
Needle: Addi Turbo Lace, US #5

KozueProjectBagSince silk is so slippery, the project will likely live in the bottom of my backpack, and will be pulled out and squashed back in frequently in a short period of time, I worried that the yarn ball will turn into a Gordian Knot in no time. (It was examined carefully at least once in one of the airports.)

I remembered that I had a small stash of cheap knee highs, purchased for making felted balls. I stretched it out over the yarn cake and it has kept it neat and tidy through all the airport security checks and stashed in corners of my airplane seat.

The project bag under the yarn cake is one that I made at the last minute, just an hour before the taxi whisked me to the airport. It’s made from some remnant that I picked up and ribbon leftover from something. At some point, I will replace the ribbon with an inkle band.