Wrapping up the 2013 Spring Cleaning Effort:

  1. Tea Leaves have already been ripped back to the ruffles and the first set of short rows completed. This now goes back into the WIP pile.
  2. The yarn has been repurposed and the new shrug is finished.
  3. Holey socks gone.
  4. Circle of Life will have its place next to my chair after Deb Menz Blanket.
  5. Fleeces will wait for summer.
  6. Deb Menz Blanket is next to my chair. I’ve re-familiarized myself with my flash cards and I am good to go!

As for the Ghosts of Spring Cleaning Past, only the Squirrel Mittens will go back into the WIP basket. The Victoria Shawl will likely be ripped out (only a few inches in) and re-evaluate. The yarn will likely go back into stash.

2 down. 5 to go.

So what keeps some projects off the Spring Cleaning Effort? If they’ve been on the needles/in process less than 6 months, they are completely within the realm of WIP!