The anklets with my Batt Club yarn went quickly. I finished the second sock during the Whidbey Weavers’ Guild meeting on Thursday, except for the grafting. The talk was simply too fascinating to concentrate on grafting.

I spent a lovely time at lunch with my friend Kathy from Earthues today. Ballard sure has changed since I was there last. There is so much gentrification going on that the old Scandinavian and nautical feel is nearly gone. My favorite breakfast place is now a Thai restaurant. The great cajun/creole restaurant is now a mediocre Italian restaurant. A few favorite haunts still exist, but parking is now impossible.

Critters have been dropped off for boarding, and I’m spending the night in a hotel next to the airport so I can catch a flight first thing tomorrow to Michigan for SOAR. I can’t wait.

I doubt that I will have internet access there, so I’ll see you when I return!