The last time I posted about my spring cleaning effort was back in May 2009. I think it’s high time to go through it again.

Let’s start off with a walk down memory lane with the status on the projects I identified back in 2009.

  1. Unspun Silk Scarf. This was finished during the effort but worn very infrequently. I don’t know why.
  2. Rugs. Still love them. I’ve washed one of them again since because Waldo threw up on it. Unfortunately, I left it out in the sun too long and it faded. Boo.
  3. Pinwheel Shawl. Finished but never worn. The arm scythe isn’t placed properly. It would work for someone with a smaller shoulder span. I really should donate it but it looks nice draped over the back of the rocking chair or foot of the guest bed.
  4. Anarchy Sweater. It turns out that I’m not such an anarchist after all. I gave the whole mess to Grace to salvage the yarn. I have no idea what has become of it. In any case, it is no longer my problem. Update: Penny has shared her Flickr stream for the Tree Costume using the repurposed yarn.
  5. Squirrel Mittens. Still not done and I’m starting to run out of niece/grand-nieces/grand-nephews of the appropriate size. It’s this year or bust.
  6. Clapotis. Frogged. I still haven’t found a project for the yarn. But now it’s just stash, not an unfinished project. I can live with that.
  7. Victoria Shawl. Still in the same, sad, forgotten state.

Score? Of the 7 projects, 2 still remain unresolved — after nearly FOUR years!

71%, or C- on a straight grading scale. Thankfully, we are not counting successes here; otherwise, the score would be even lower. I wonder what it might look like on a curve if we were to take into account of all the fiber artisans/crafters. Would I move up in the B range or down into a failing grade? I suppose consideration should be made that these were already in trouble to begin with, and not representative of my collective works. It’s a small consolation and sounds like a weak defense/excuse, even to my ears.

In any case, it’s not up to my standards. The only thing that I’ve ever scored this low was my Statics and Strengths of Materials course in college. This is why I don’t design bridges. However, I’m not ready to give up on my fiber related pursuits.