Stash Busting Yardage




I had so much fun making my jacket, I signed up for another sewing class with Daryl Lancaster in February. This time the workshop is the Jumpstart Vest.

With only two weeks to figure out a fabric, I decided to work from stash. I came up with some Newton’s Country Yarns Cotton Ice (50/50 cotton/rayon) in blue/green/purple (*). I couldn’t figure out what weft to pair with it so I went to my stash and came up with tube of lilac Cottolin (60/40 cotton/linen). Perfect! I knew there was a reason to all that yarn in the garage! (**)



Finished Fabric

  • Finishing Technique: front load washer on “Quick Wash” cycle, warm/cold; dryer for 15 minutes with jeans; pressed while damp
  • Length: 4.2 yards
  • Width: 19.5″

Now, I just need to figure out my lining. I think I have some white silk fabric and purple dye in the stash.

* By the way, Newton’s Country website says Cotton Ice is 2100 ypp. When I measured it on my McMorran Yarn Balance, I came up with 1500 ypp.

** It’s scary how much weaving yarn I accumulated in such short order. I’d better get weaving!

3 thoughts on “Stash Busting Yardage”

  1. Scary? How about the 20 yards of silk that followed me home from SAS Fabrics today? I went in for 5 yards of silk habutai for lining and a rhinestone iron-on for Iris. But, they had two barrels of rolls of fancy silks for $2.99/yd that could easily be $30/yd at other places. So, 20 yards is really like 2 yards b/c of the price, right?

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