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Stash Busting Yardage




I had so much fun making my jacket, I signed up for another sewing class with Daryl Lancaster in February. This time the workshop is the Jumpstart Vest.

With only two weeks to figure out a fabric, I decided to work from stash. I came up with some Newton’s Country Yarns Cotton Ice (50/50 cotton/rayon) in blue/green/purple (*). I couldn’t figure out what weft to pair with it so I went to my stash and came up with tube of lilac Cottolin (60/40 cotton/linen). Perfect! I knew there was a reason to all that yarn in the garage! (**)



Finished Fabric

  • Finishing Technique: front load washer on “Quick Wash” cycle, warm/cold; dryer for 15 minutes with jeans; pressed while damp
  • Length: 4.2 yards
  • Width: 19.5″

Now, I just need to figure out my lining. I think I have some white silk fabric and purple dye in the stash.

* By the way, Newton’s Country website says Cotton Ice is 2100 ypp. When I measured it on my McMorran Yarn Balance, I came up with 1500 ypp.

** It’s scary how much weaving yarn I accumulated in such short order. I’d better get weaving!


Melissa Cody




  1. Vanessa

    Lovely just lovely!

  2. Scary? How about the 20 yards of silk that followed me home from SAS Fabrics today? I went in for 5 yards of silk habutai for lining and a rhinestone iron-on for Iris. But, they had two barrels of rolls of fancy silks for $2.99/yd that could easily be $30/yd at other places. So, 20 yards is really like 2 yards b/c of the price, right?

  3. Mel

    Gorgeous fabric!

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