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It’s a wrap!

First trim attempt (aka sample)

Here’s the tubular to flat trim from the inkle on the previous post. I wove exactly to the length I measured, plus 1/2″ on both the tubular and the flat portion. Unfortunately, even though my measurements accounted for take-up on the loom, it didn’t account for the take up while tacking it onto the sketchbook cover. I ended up about 1″ short.

Back to the loom. Since I had only spun a small amount of the dark red in the stripe of the trim. I had used up all I had on hand.

Yes, I could have carded/blended more of that silk and spun it up. I just didn’t want to wait the extra day that it would take from start to setting the twist and waiting for the new threads to dry. So, I warped on again with just plain blue purple.

This time, I started with the flat ribbon portion of the trim and wove it to the length of the sketchbook plus 1.5″, then I wove the tubular piping until I ran out of warp. This ensured that I had enough to go all the way around the sketchbook.

I also made the flat ribbon portion a bit wider by not pulling the weft taut. This is harder to keep a clean edge but it had a better drape. The first ribbon was very firmly woven.

Specs: 20 ends woven on the Palmer Inkle Loom with spindle spun tussah silk of unknown origin. Finished length is approx. 61″, which maxed out the mini loom.

Here is the finished sketchbook, in all her glory. The third time is definitely the charm. (Version 1: submitted to CNCH Gallery. Version 2: added stabilizer to the back of the handwoven fabric.)





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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Ann! You’ve worked so hard on this and learned so much–and it shows!

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