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I don’t have enough yarn to weave the entire bag with any one of these skeins. I will be combining something with the blue skein. But which one?

I really like the brighter of the two skeins with the orange and green, and wasn’t too impressed with the other one while I was spinning it. But there is something about the pink that really makes it pop. It’s more subdued but I really like the combination. And there was a blue that I didn’t even realize was there until it was placed next to the blue skein.

In the left two skeins, the values are similar. I worry that the colors compete too much.

In the right two skeins, there is a subtlety that doesn’t show up in the photograph. I worry that it’s too subtle.

What are your thoughts?


Floral Dance, take 2




  1. I’d use the two on the left. The blue and orange (brown is a dulled-out orange) are complementary colors and will make each other “pop”, more so than the pink and green skein. Unless you are aiming for less pizzazz, in which case, maybe the pink and green.

    Try doing either a yarn wrap or a twist (twist a small bundle of the yarns together) to see what they will look like combined.

  2. I concur w/ Tien w/ one caveat.
    It could look really high contrast and clowny. Why not use a third neutral color to tone down the contrast? A black, navy or beige.

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