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Mystery Stole 3

I don’t normally join the *-alongs, just because. But as I am facing a long summer of health related stuff, I was looking around for something lacy, challenging, and will occupy me over the course of the convalescence. The Mystery Stole 3, hosted by Melanie seems like a really good idea.

As I read her list of supplies, I dug into my stash. Yup. I have everything I needed without going any further than my garage. Zephyr? Check (actually enough Zephyr in my stash to choke a horse). Beads of the appropriate size and matches the Zephyr yarn I chose? Check. Crochet Hook? Check. Knitting Needles? Check.

Actually, that’s kinda scary. The number of choices I actually had without breaking a sweat, in 80+F and no air conditioning, is astounding.

I will need another project to occupy the spare time between the clues, if any. I finished spinning 1800 yds of sport weight superwash to make a baby blanket/shawl for a baby that is due in September. I just need to finish the yarn before I can cast on. I ‘m not letting the fact that I still haven’t decided on the pattern stop me. <grin>


Sailing and Spinning


32nd America’s Cup

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  1. Eva

    You are evil. I had to look up that shawl and then drift from picture to picture on websites of people who are knitting it. It’s lovely! I signed up today and printed the first pages. Now to buy beads and choose yarn. Yes, I have yarn, but not beads.

    Happy knitting,

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