Here’s my bit of fluff, ready to ply.

I’ve wound off both ends from the Kuchulu onto a small ball before plying from it. As you can see, the ball is too big. I will have to find something smaller.

Just for scale, here is my plying ball sitting next to a regular sized tennis ball that I use in the dryer to fluff things up with. (Excuse the fuzz that is stuck to tennis ball.)

What is that thing? It’s a little catnip infused “tennis” ball I picked up at the pet store. I was desperate while traveling at one point and went into a grocery store and picked these up. They were so cheap that my catnip addicted cats weren’t even interested in them. It’s a good thing since I don’t want them to play with my fiber tools.

I think I will have to use some of the same fluff and make a small felted ball for this.