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I took a class with Sarah Swett at Madrona last weekend. The class was titled “The Undercover Sketchbook.” We started out by making our own sketchbook with 5 pieces of fabric, 6.5″ x 13″, 4 linen and 1 hemp. I used some of her hand spun silk thread to do a quick and easy sewn binding (similar to this sewn binding method).

Then we were off to start our sketches. We were to sketch with our needle and thread directly into our new sketchbooks. No pencils allowed.

Want to see the results of my class exercises?

Warm up: Taking our needle for a walk.

Sketch of my scissors (a leatherman).

3 items I never leave the house without.


The last exercise was to be a portrait. I chose to do one of Sarah (note the signature glasses!). I decided that it would be perfect for the cover of my sketchbook so I added a sketchbook, Madrona and (20)12. My entire workshop “notes” all bound up and labeled!

This was a fun way to create quick “sketches.” I definitely will be adding this to my bag of tricks!


Guild Exhibit


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  1. How very cute!

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