This is Nancy’s scarf from the CNCH workshop. (click picture to see closeup). I want to highlight the twill effect that she has going on here.

Would you believe that this is just plain weave? She achieved the twill effect by alternating S and Z plied yarns in her warp. The effect was exaggerated by plying 2 different color singles together into a single yarn.

Really, that’s all it was. It is brilliant. I see more experiments coming up. We spinners have a lot more opportunities to control our end products by creating yarns for a specific effect.

The brown threads on the edges, I was told, are floating selvages. I sort of understand what they are, but I will have to actually try it out on some samplers before I really understand it.

Correction: This post should have read “Easy Herringbone”, not Twill. Although Herringbone is a twill, the effect Nancy achieved here is Herringbone. It bugged the heck out of me all morning, and I just had to correct it. I may still have it incorrect, but at least I’ll sleep better tonight.