Twill Flowers

Reversing Point Twill Flowers from I’m not having much fun with this. There are several treadlings that require lifting 5 shafts. I think I’m getting a blister on my foot.

It’s not coming out quite as the I would have thought from the draft. It looks right. And threading and tie ups are right. It’s still pretty, just not quite what I was expecting. I wound out enough for two scarves. Perhaps I will change the treadling for the second scarf.

3 thoughts on “Twill Flowers”

  1. Hello

    Before you give up completely on this pattern, cut off your first scarf and wet finish it. The relaxing of the threads might just biring out the results you have been looking for.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. No, I am not giving up on it. I am betting the farm on the wet finishing process. I can sort of see the pattern but it’s not as obvious/dramatic as I had envisioned. It’s not bad, just a bit of a let down thus far.

      The wet finishing will also help transform that stiff as a board thing to a beautiful drapey thing. It’s sea silk and silk, so I should be gorgeous no matter what!

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