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There’s been almost no progress on the Circle of Life shawl. I have been focused on warping the loom and weaving yardage for Daryl’s jacket workshop next month. The yardage is progressing, but not very exciting. So, I’m here to give you more eye candy from my trip to Turkey.

While there, I noticed a signage in the big palace across the street from our hotel. A special exhibit on 17th-19th Century Anatolian Kilims! I took one afternoon off from my friends and took my time going through the museum. It was fabulous!

You can see a few of the rugs in my photo album. I wasn’t allowed to use a flash in the museum so some of the rugs are a bit fuzzy. I used Photoshop to adjust the lighting, but that is it. I did not do any color adjustments. So yes! The colors in those rugs are just that vibrant, even after all these years!

While you are in my photo album, you can take a look at the rest of the photos from my trip to Turkey, including more photos from the Ethnography Exhibit blogged earlier. I haven’t finished processing the rest of my textile photos. Stay tuned!