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Fireside Loom

The Fireside Loom has finally been moved into the house and assembled. The guest room has been taken over and transformed into a weaving room. I can’t call it a studio yet because I would need to do a few more things to the room before I can call it that. The room is too small for both the futon bed (even folded) and the loom to co-exist. I must give up all pretense of calling it a “guest room” though.

However, I must admit that the handmade cherry futon frame (made for Martin’s dad and stepmother back in the 60s) and the cherry loom look very nice together…

Back to the loom. Here’s the back side:

And look, the back beam folds up so you can get closer to the heddles while warping front to back!

Yes, those are double back beams you see. And here’s a view from the front:

Not a fan of front to back? Well, here’s something for the back to front…the front beam lifts off so you can get closer to the heddles from the front.

Here’s a detail of the dove joint for the front beam:

What about the beater bar? It lifts right off. I forgot to take a picture of that, but just take my word for it.

Best part of all this manipulation? No tools are required. Just lift or turn. That’s it. Everything is set up perfectly!

And while you are sleying the reed, they’ve drilled a hole through the beater bar and into the frame to hold the beater in an upright position.

Yes, that’s a nail you see where the peg should be. That, apparently is a part that I didn’t pay attention to when I picked up the loom. I’ll ask Rachel about it, but I doubt that she still has it. The nail is utilitarian and jars with the beauty of the loom. I will go to the hardware store and buy a piece of brass and cut it down to size, one for each side. I can probably stick one end into a small piece of cherry block to make it look a bit better, and less likely to get lost.

I pretty much bought the loom based on Fireside Loom’s reputation and my lust for the cherry and hand carved beater bar. I know Rachel (the previous and original owner) walked me through the loom, but I must admit that I didn’t comprehend much of it except some of the highlights — primarily the story of how she came by the loom and had it made.

There are a few things that I didn’t pay attention to…like what dent reed (10. I bought a 12 and 15 last weekend), how many heddles (still need to count, but I think 1000). I will likely add to or swap out the heddles for texsolv. I also don’t like the cords used for the treadles so will likely swap those out too.

Funny. I didn’t think I bought a project.


Chart 7 Finished!




  1. Stunning.

  2. It’s a piece of functional art. I hope you two spend many happy hours together.

  3. Oh…your loom is “heavenly”…beeee-U-teee fulllll! I am soo jealous. How did you find it? What is the weaving width? Dare I ask? or am I being too noZEEE? How much did you pay?

    I really want a loom that I could do rag rugs on. I have a Baby Wolf. But, I have always lusted after a Fireside Loom. I LUV cherry woods too!


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