Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Sheep 2 Shoe - Pink Granite

This is Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Sheep 2 Shoe, colorway Pink Granite (I think). This is the first time that I spun to a predefined specification. Per instructions that came with the roving (it came with instructions!), I carefully split the roving lengthwise into 3 (almost) equal strips. Unfortunately, getting equal strips is a near impossibility. Thus, when I plied the 3 singles together, one strand was always off-phase. So, I didn’t get solid color blocks, except for the natural bits, which were long sections.

Anyway, I spun the singles between 22-24 wpi and the finished yarn is between 12-14 wpi. Just as specified. As it turns out, I didn’t really have to think about it much after I figured out what I was spinning to, and the entire 8 oz or so was spun in relatively short order.

It is a perfect sport weight yarn. My only concern? The yarn is really dense. I’ll see how the socks turn out.