Yippee!!!! I got a call today to tell me that a spot opened up in Ann & Eugene Bourgeois’ Philosopher Yarn Seminar for next weekend. I drove straight over from work to formalize the deal (paid for it). Go directly to the yarn store, do not pass go. I am so excited. I am doing the victory dance around the living room.

I’ve been spending the evening re-reading Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified and surfing the Philosopher’s Wool web site. Now comes the difficult decision of which pattern/kit and which colorway. Decisions, decisions.

I know, I’m gloating, but I can’t help myself. Fair Isle and steeks, here I come!

Finished Objects

I finished a fun little scarf last weekend. I made it with Anny Blatt Kid Mohair in Marine, using #6 needles over 30 stitches. I used a reversible rib pattern that I saw in someone’s weblog a while back. I’m sorry, I can’t remember where.

Row 1: k3, p3
Row 2: k1, p1

I stopped by and visited Martin’s model boat building class (sorry, not his, but a finished one) last weekend and played with another class participant’s digital camera. That does it. I’m shopping for a new camera. I can’t believe the clarity of the close up of my 2s2c in progress. Sorry, its a little big. Mike emailed it to me and I didn’t want to crop it further. And, no, your eyes are not deceiving you. I have not made much progress on this. I ended up turning the heel one sock at a time. It was getting tedious passing the turned stitches back and forth. I’m now on the foot.