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Here’s a photo of me with the girls (L-R: Seema, Kandra, Sara, me, Nancy) at the Snow Globe party. We gorged on snow crab claws, shrimp, and BBQ salmon wraps. There were much more food, but those were all I was interested in. The food wasn’t quite as nice as what we get at work, but still pretty danged good.

Snow Globe 2997

And, yes, I asked. Nancy did not knit her sweater. She bought it at Costco, of all places, for a measly $125. You can’t even buy the yarn required for that price.

PensSpeaking of hobbies that don’t really pay for itself, if you look at it from a pure monetary perspective. Here’s a lousy picture of the pens I made from my class.

But, I think $25/hour (6 hour class) to learn something completely new, use of the equipment, great instruction, and materials for making 4 pens, is a heck of a deal.

The real dilemma now is, is this something that I want to pursue? Unlike spinning, I’m going into this with my eyes wide open. The instructor walked us through the wood working store and talked about the equipment we would need as a basic setup, next level of equipment, etc. Pros and cons of the equipment at different price levels.

Left to right: plain tube in maple, first attempt at ergonomic shape in poplar, refined ergo shaping in plum, and variation of a theme of the ergo shaping in cedar. The last two pens were a result of me taking a good look at the pens on my desk and thinking about what I like and don’t like about each pen. I’ll see if I can take a better picture this weekend.


Snow Globe 2007



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