New Spindle!

The Aegean

This is a Jenkin’s Aegean Turkish Spindle in Oregon Myrtle (15 g). It’s she pretty? I think I’m going to call her Myrtle. I know. Completely original. What can I say?

This spindle is different from the other Turkish spindles made by Ed because one of the cross arms have a stopper cut out. I don’t know how else to describe it. It prevents the cross arm from sliding all the way through. See?

Oh, and of course, there are the ideograms that he carves into each of the cross arms. Very cool. It’s not as fast as the Kuchulu nor the Delight, but it might speed up a bit with some fiber on it.

I can’t wait to spin on this little baby while I’m sailing in the Aegean Sea in next month!