Is this not the coolest book cover ever? Cover features card woven bands from guild member (and wife of one of the authors), Gudrun Polak.

And whose idea was it to use the card woven bands? The co-author, Eleanor, not the weaver’s own husband. Hmm.

If you wonder what card weaving has to do with Quantum Computing, the answer is nothing. Eleanor just thought they were pretty and would soften up what would otherwise be a dry book. It’s nice when your work is appreciated, isn’t it?

By the way, just flipping through the book gave me nightmares of my senior year in college. They lied on the cover. There’s nothing “gentle” about the book. But if you feel the need, here’s the full link to Quantum Computing, A Gentle Introduction.

One thought on “Appreciation”

  1. Ann,

    when you google “braids quantum computing” you will see that the concepts of braids as well as knots are used in Quantum Computing.


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