80/20 Cormo/Bamboo

I bought this from Morro Fleece Works at Retzlaff Winery. When? I’m not sure, but at least 2 years ago. Maybe 3. The photograph doesn’t do the color justice. It’s a much deeper teal color.


  • Source: Morro Fleece Works
  • Fiber: 80/20 Cormo/Bamboo pin drafted roving
  • Yardage: 1198 yards (pre-finishing)
  • WPI: 24 (also pre-finishing)

It poofed up a bit after wet finishing, but I haven’t measured it yet.

I’m loving it now, but I have to say, half way through the plying session, I was thoroughly sick of this color. It seems that I have been working in some variant of this color for one project or another this past year. It’s time to put this aside and let it marinate while I work with some other color. Red maybe?