Here I go again. Frogged the socks because I decided that 56 stitches would be more comfortable than 48. 48 fits snuggly, but I’m worried about shrinkage. Oh, well, I decided last night that the hardest part of 2 socks on 2 circulars is the casting on and getting it all set up. By the time that I’m through with this, I should have this part of the lesson down pat! After all, how do you learn, except from your mistakes and lots of practice, right?

When I taught computer classes, we always put mistakes (or omit instructions) intentionally into our exercises so that the students can see what mistakes look like and how to fix them. Not pleasant, but great a-ha! moments.

Other notes on the socks …

I really like the Twisted German Cast On Sheron recommended. We’ll see once I’ve finished the socks and wear them a few times.

The Kersti yarn splits very easily. My Addi Turbos keep splitting the yarn, and I consider the points pretty blunt. I definitely would not recommend using Brittany needles with them nor do “mindless” knitting when I don’t have the opportunity to keep looking at my work.

The good news is that, even after all the frogging I did, the yarn did not fuzz nor untwist. It kept its structure very well.