It was a very full day. I took my dad out for a dim sum brunch for Lunar New Year. Then a quick stop at West Marine to pick up a part to fix the marine toilet on my boat. I decided, what the heck. I have 2 hours before the kick off. So I replaced the said part. It was a gorgeous day at the marina. I was tempted to just stop there and take a nap on the boat. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything with me — No Kindle. No knitting. No spinning. I felt naked.

So I went home to pack up the supplies necessary to keep me occupied at the Super Bowl Party at the club.

I may have over packed.

Projects packed:

  • Metro: I was half way down sleeve 1
  • Current sock in progress: toe up, just missing the cuff of one sock to complete the pair
  • A couple of Kuchulus and some fiber, just in case I got bored with knitting

What I actually worked on:

  • a couple of rounds on the sleeve before I deemed it too hot to have a full sweater in my lap
  • a few yards of spinning

I am almost finished with the Metro now. The sleeves are complete. The collar is knit and grafted together. I just need to attach it to the neckline and weave in the ends.

I’m quite happy with the yarn that I spun. I spun up all the singles first. I labeled all the bobbins in numerical order, divided them into thirds. I then plied 1 bobbin from each third in order. This resulted in a nearly homogenized yarn in terms of both yarn size and color.