By special request from Ramona, I have created a collage for you.

SOAR Haul Collage

Starting from top left, going clockwise:

  1. “Mayan Chocolate Cashmere” (50/30/20 Merino/Alpaca/Cashmere) from Lambspun. 6 bumps. Approx. 16 oz.
  2. “Blended Rolls” (50/50 Mohair/Cormo) in “cool” colorway. I can’t remember the vendor, but the rolags are carefully prepared so that if you draft evenly from the end of the rolag, you will get precise repeats. When plied, they will match up almost 100%. 2 pouches. In theory, enough for a vest or sweater.
  3. “Rocky Mountain High” (Polwarth) from Rovings. A bag. I have no idea how much is in the bag.
  4. Lavender Bunny Balls from Elemental Affects. 6 bumps. I think they were 4 oz each. Enough for a vest.
  5. “Salt Lake” (Polwarth) from Rovings. A bag. Again, I have no idea how much is in the bag. I told myself that if it was bag was still there at the end of the weekend, I would take it home. It came home with me. Laura took the other bag of Salt Lake home. It’ll be interesting to see how we each work it up.
  6. “One of a Kind” (Polwarth) from Rovings. Yet another bag. This was the first one I picked up. I love the greens. I’m in a green rut these days.
  7. “Deep Waters, Dark Woods” SOAR 2006 Blend from Crosspatch Creations. Sold only through Carolina Homespun. 2 pouches.
  8. 2 red Corriedale batts from Grafton Fibers. Purchased from Carolina Homespun.
  9. [center] “Spritzy Spruce” (80/20 Wool/Silk) from Lambspun. 4 oz. I told you I was stuck on greens.

Not pictured:

  • my new replacement Schacht Matchless (you all know what it looks like *)
  • my new Lendrum double treadle (again, you know what it looks like *)
  • 3 wood naalbinding needle (I’ll show these when I start a project **)
  • 1 small hand held weaving frame (I’ll show this when I start a project **)

* If you don’t, you know how to Google, right?

** I will not promise when the said project will actually happen. It’ll happen when it happens.

There. I did say it was conspicuous consumption, didn’t I? It’s quite embarrassing the amount I came home with.

2 thoughts on “SOAR Haul”

  1. It doesn’t look too bad. How can you leave the lavender bunny balls behind? I love, love, love the cool colorway blended roll.

  2. Ann,

    Beautiful, simply gorgeous. Thanks for putting your beautiful display together for me. Make sure you keep me abreast of 2008, I will meet you there. I am off for a week and will be catching up on my spinning, knitting and candlemaking today. Sorry it took so long, I can’t wait to see how your projects are coming along. The fibers you purchased are really nice blended colors.

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