I’m home from Delavan, Wisconsin, where SOAR was held this year, exhausted and invigorated. I’m still unpacking and finding fiber in more crevices as I unpack my bags. Until I have time to sit down and finish off some of my class samples and take pictures, I’ll leave you with a couple of things to whet your appetite.

A few photos in my Picasa album.

Shelia, Stetson, and I were sitting at the lunch table when Linda announced the Batts to Hats contest. First statement out of our collective mouths were, we aren’t really contest entry type people. But we talked about how it could be done. Next thing We knew, we were checking out collection of tools for the largest knitting and crochet needles. I had seen the perfect pencil rovings in the market that we could just shove it up the orifice with the miniSpinner set at the lowest twist setting and fasted whorl.

And the rest is history. Amy wrote a nice summary of the Batts to Hats contest. She neglected to note that we won the “Technical Excellence” award. That’s a shocking thought since the hat started to unravel the first time Stetson put the hat on.