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Skip Dent Alpaca Scarves

I wove a couple more skip dent scarves last week. They are the same structure as this one. I used Henry’s Attic Alpaca Lace this time (sett at 20 epi). Yum! The first one is a 10″x76″. This was my sampler to make sure that I had the sett and beat correct. The second one was 19″x76″. This was woven as a present for a friend’s daughter who turned 19 last weekend.

Look at the difference a bath makes to the fabric. Top: hot bath in the sink followed by a light tumble in the dryer, followed by a pressing. Bottom: straight off the loom. The yarn around the space moved in and the bloom of the alpaca helped make this a much more stable fabric. The yarn also had quite a bit of spinning oil in it, which came off in the wash. The resulting fabric is light and airy, just as I wanted it to be. The larger size is perfect for the Seattle chill, where Lisa goes to school.

Sorry for the out of focus shot, but I just love how the pattern appears to undulate due to the spacing.


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  1. Amy

    lovely! the out of focus shot gives a great sense of the softness too. Beautiful work, Ann!

  2. Angela

    Ann, I am always impressed by your fiber work, it is always this wonderful balance of technique and artistry – beautiful!

  3. Oh my, Ann! Those are fabulous!

  4. Therese

    That’s just gorgeous! No color to distract from the beauty of the weave.

  5. I love skip dent weaving–will be my next project for sure (and not intimidating to a novice like myself).

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