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TdF Stages 12,13

I finished the Border Leicester rug yarn, thank goodness. I must have left the roving marinate too long because the fiber was clumpy and difficult to draft. The fiber was so sticky (not tacky sticky, but felted sticky) in areas that it was really a pain in the neck. I am glad that it is done. 300 yards of 2-ply (almost 8 oz.)

To give myself a break from that rough scratchy rug yarn, I moved on to some 80/20 Polwarth/Silk from Rovings in natural colors. I had purchased 4 – 2 oz bits of combed top from Rovings 2 SOARs ago with the intention of spinning it from white to chocolate brown, with 2 other light browns in between. The resulting yarn will be knitted into a shawl of some sort with gradated colors. These 8 oz. in lace weight should take me through most of the rest of the Tour.

I may take a break from the Polwarth/Silk for some naturally dyed BFL from Tactile that’s been sitting around a while. It looks like my tally for breeds spun will be around 6. I might dig into my bins and card up a bit of CVM and/or California Red. There are a few batts of Romney in the stash too.


TdF Stage 11 – Rug Yarn


TdF – Last Day

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  1. I was looking at your TdF spinning and decided I want to be you when I grow up. :-) Between your weaving, which I already knew was awesome, and your spinning, which I now know is equally awesome, I sure have a high level to aspire to!!! Lovely, lovely stuff.

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