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Oct 29, 2005

I went to a two week class at this place. (Click on the image for a larger one if you want to read the sign.) Iris and Mark flew out to spend the second week with me. I emailed a picture of the sign as it appeared from the road so that Mark would recognize the turnout. He emailed back, ‘You went halfway around the world to go to Malibu?’ Well, it was like Malibu, only without the armed guards on ATVs running the riffraff off a public beach that the public paid for. Well, this is an entry about our trip, not about local LA politics.

After the class, we took a ferry from Corsica to Italy. The only sad part about our trip was when we left Iris’ beloved kangaroo sweatshirt somewhere on our trip.

Missing: reward for our little Kangaroo

Since Iris had a growth spurt and Mark packed clothes that fit Iris last year, we had to go shopping. Everything was so expensive because the dollar was weak relative to the euro. But Italian yarn is a real bargain when bought in Italy. So I went to a mercerie and got these.

And here is Iris wearing the WIP back home in our sewing/crafts room. I was going to crop the photo, but remembered Crazy Aunt Purl’s admonition to show more of one’s home in blog entries. Not only is it good for net voyeurs, lazy thieves can also case joints in their jammies!


Hurricane Katrina


Costa Rica

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  1. A-ha! Now I know where to go to steal magazines, photos with no personal relevance to me, and boxes of crafty knick-knacks! A-ha!

    (P.S. I hope some goodhearted person tracks you down and sends her ‘roo jumper home to you. I once got a wallet back in the mail that had been stolen over a year before [and I’d moved since its theft] so, who knows…)

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