I finished the socks yesterday and they have been on the drying rack. I’ll take a picture tonight. One sock is more intense in color than the other one. You can definitely tell which was with yarn further toward the center of the skein. Next time, the turkey baster injection method.

On the needles … casted on a new pair of socks for Mom. Mountain Goat Rich Red. Wow. It is bright. Should make a wonderful present for Chinese New Year. A nice auspicious color.

Martin said that it is a red that would make Team New Zealand proud. Apparently, the entire team wears their lucky red socks for all the races. Hmm. I might need to make a pair for him before the start of The Americas Cup. Of course, if Alinghi wins The Louis Vuitton Cup he may not want TNZ colors. Yet again, this is the guy that felted is last pair of Mountain Colors socks by tossing it in the washer/dryer.