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Size Matters

Why are american things so large? Is all that bulk necessary? I give you the example of the two needle sets–one american, the other japanese.

Ok, the american set has a few more needles and cables, but does the case need to be so large?

And why does my neighbor have to park this in front of my house?
Here’s a close-up. What do you think he’s compensating for?

Now for the knitting content.
I made Iris a shadow heart sweater from Vivian Hoxbro’s recent book. I used the same number of stitches as the pattern in the book, but sized it up by using bigger yarn. Iris picked out the two colors of cotton fleece which has a gauge of 5 sts/in. The shetland recommended in the book should give a gauge of 6 sts/in. Iris will have plenty of room to grow.

I didn’t make the redundant heart on the back, preferring some diagonal stripes. I actually like the back better than the front. Can you see the (literally!) hearts on the sleeves?


Eleven Eleven


Needle Sets Comparison


  1. Hi!
    I really like your blog, lots of cool knitted stuff. And the Höxbo sweater looks great, the colours seem perfect for that sort of pattern.

    (but I must admit, I don’t see the hearts on the sleeves :)

  2. too funny!
    your neighbor? i dunno and i dun wanna think no more!

    btway, what needles are the smaller set? i’m looking to buy the denise needle and the wood/bamboo(?) one just caught my attention. thanx :)

  3. kim

    lol that liscence plate cracks me up! that heart sweater is awesome

  4. That is indeed a lovely sweater!

    The robot truck is about that size but has search and destroy capability. We can send it over to your neighbor’s if you like.

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