For the warm weather that is…

I finished the Ribbed Cap back in December. But the length really bugged me. It was too long to not roll up, but not quite long enough for it to look right rolled. It just wasn’t wearable by my standards.

This week, I buckled and ripped it out to just below the crown shaping and reworked it. I added about 1.5 – 2 more inches to the length, and removed the top knot. I like it much, much better. And I would actually wear this version.

Yes. Just in time for 80F weather. But with this strange spring, I might actually have a chance to wear it before summer really hits.

With the remainder of the yarn, I made a little neck warmer.

I created a small little triangle bit below the cowl to tuck into the V of a jacket or a sweater. This would be much less bulky to wear than a traditional scarf, but a little more coverage at the neckline. I hate it when the wind cuts through the gap between where the scarf ends and the jacket/sweater ends. This little triangle bit can be tucked in for a bit of extra protection.

There are still a few things that I would change, but over all, I like it. This little creation has quite a bit of design opportunities. I made this plain with maximum wind protection. But I can see this with a bit of lace to dress it up. Can’t you?