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Yarn Diet Over

As promised, here is a picture of the completed modular sweater. I used the module plan for the ‘Mendocino’ sweater on page 65 of Module Magic with the sleeves from the ‘Nevada City Windows’ sweater from page 21. An eagle eye might notice that I deviated from the plan slightly. (I was knitting in the car and didn’t check the pattern as often as I should.)

I used 31 stitches per module, 15 stitches for each side of a single square module plus 1 center stich. I used the center stitch decrease method (SK2P2) from the ‘Swatch Your Step’ pattern on page 70. It just looks better to me than the other double decrease methods that I have tried.

There are 11 or 12 colors of worsted weight yarns in there. Such good stash-busting behavior calls for a trip to this.


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  1. omg, that’s lovely. I’ve got a ton of handspun worsted, i think it may go in my queue.

    thanks, and hi!

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