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Top-down Hall of Infamy

Ann is not the only one who has problems with top-down sweater sizing.
Exhibit A, should have been sized for a baby Iris when she was less than a year old. The panel door gives you an idea of how large this sweater became. It does fit the teddy bear rather nicely, though.

Exhibit B, the armscythe that reaches my waist. How the heck did my armscythe depth and body width calculation go so wrong? No jokes about math majors being terrible at arithmetic, please.

Pink Raglan.jpg

Exhibit C, the puffy sleeve. Somehow, I confused the armscythe depth with the hypotenuse and ended up cramming a lot more increases at the bottom than at the cap. Then I realized that the sleeve was too wide and I had to taper the sleeve down dramatically. It looks like a bad leg-o-mutton sleeve. I knit this sweater on my world tour summer (2003) in which I went to Sapporo, Berlin and Australia for work. Maybe we can blame jet lag for the poor calculation skills. Luckily, Iris liked her ‘Puffy Sleeve’ because it looks very princessy.

Set-In Sleeve.jpg

Here is a closeup of the top-down inset sleeve. Note that the increases on the bodice maintain the cable and lace pattern somewhat decently. The sweater is supposed to resemble a lacey flower on top and sedgey leaves on the bottom. Get it? Like an Iris? The ribs were not as pronounced as I would like. Next time, I will try a P2 or maybe a broken rib to emphasize it.

Set-In Detail.jpg




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  1. mk

    More pics like these! they’re fun.

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