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At my Fair Isle Yoke Design class at Madrona, Janine suggested that we develop our own sloper before embarking on a full blown design. I built mine out of handspun 3-ply polwarth (from Rovings, purchased at SOAR 2009).

I initially wanted a tunic length sweater. But when I tried on the finished sweater, it had that whole Flashdance thing going on. All I was missing were the tights and leg warmers. Since this was knit from the bottom up, I took a pair of scissors to the sweater and snipped off the bottom (about 5-6″), picked up the stitches and knit another 3″. Now it’s a slightly longer than waist length sweater. I would prefer another inch or so. It was okay before the second soak (after reknitting the bottom), but lost some length in the wash.

I’ve found that magical length is a fine line between too short and too long. I think I need to build another to validate my measurements. All the rest of the measurements seem to be bang on.

Oh, and the left hand side of the picture? That’s Ellie, on a hunt for something. I don’t know what. I didn’t notice her until just now, while I was cropping the photo.


Cram and Space 4


Curiously Addictive


  1. Looks great. I like the turquoise color. Very 2010. ;-)

  2. Ann

    Yes, I do love the color! Believe it or not, the color is called Blue Spruce, last seen here http://www.fibermusings.net/archives/1749.

  3. Looks great! And I’ve got to say, I’ve got a swelled head just thinking that someone did something I simply suggested!!!

  4. OK, I simply covet that sweater. I can’t believe you’re making me want to knit! I don’t like knitting! But I wants one…

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