This is my second sampler/scarf in the Cram and Space workshop. (click for larger)

The warp and weft are a mixture Judith’s hand paint (base yarn is Henry’s Attic Pony) and Mountain Colors Wool Crepe (Rosehip color way). I followed the warp threading order with my weft to maintain symmetry, because I’m all about symmetry. The airy centers were created in part by the 4 skipped dents, as well as some spaced dents before the skipped dents.

Yes. The yarns moved that much during fulling.

The result? A nice airy scarf that has both heft and movement. This would be fabulous for a spring/fall shawl or throw.

Okay. We are getting closer, but it’s still not to my liking. Not hating it has a lot to do with the colors and the fiber. But from a technique perspective, I still didn’t see any practical use in my personal life. All that loose yarn begs to be caught by Ms. Ellie’s claws (and my clumsiness when moving against snaggly things).

And seriously, how many scarves can a girl have?