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Summer Sweater

I haven’t been able to transition between jury duty and work, so I decided not to work at all in the evenings/weekends during my service as a juror. It will be my last hiatus before I take on a new position at work, beginning this Friday. Things will get hectic then, so I’m trying to use this time to get a couple of projects underway.

So, I started a new sweater over the weekend. I’m using Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top to make short-sleeved (set-in) sweater with some Dale Svale that I bought at last year. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out so far. The short-rows at the shoulders are lovely.

By the way, I can really hate Svale. The yarn splits if you blink. It’s not an easy yarn to work with if you are in a hurry, and even if you are not. I’m doing this sweater in plain stockinette. I can’t imagine trying to do any fancy textures with this yarn. I probably won’t work with this yarn again. However, I must say that it drapes beautifully.

I see that Amy is doing a little housecleaning and having a stash sale. I’m really tempted, but I have to clean out my own guest room before my brother-in-law comes to stay next week. I may need to do my own stash reduction sale. There is no way that I’ll ever get through all the yarn, both purchased and handspun, any time soon (like this decade). So I take the pledge … no more fiber purchases until June.




Mr. Tax Man

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  1. I haven’t bought yarn in over a month. I wish you luck in waiting til June. I’m not sure I can make it that long :)

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