Twill Scarf

Warp: Gold handspun in 50/50 merino/silk; approx. 40 wpi.
Weft: Olive handspun in 50/50 merino/silk; approx. 40 wpi.
Loom: Gilmore Gem II
Sett: 20 epi
Pattern: 2/2 twill
Width: 8″ on loom, 6.75″ after finishing
Length: 70″ on loom plus hem, forgot to measure after finishing

Yarn spun February 22-26. Warped the loom on March 5. Wove on the morning of March 6. Scarf presented to birthday girl at dinner on March 6. It was a sprint to the finish.

Why so long between spinning the yarn and warping? I had a wake to plan and attend to. Then it was a week on hand wringing on whether it should be plain weave or twill. And if twill, what I should do about the floats on the edges and whether I wanted a floating selvedge or not. Yes, I was over thinking it. I think it is because it ishandspun and a birthday present that gave me so much stress. Thank you Amy for much hand holding throughout the project!

Here are a few more pictures of the project:

50/50 merino/silk top from The Artful Ewe. 3.5 oz each. As soon as I saw the colors, I just knew that it was destined for a scarf for my friend. It scream her name from all the way across the marketplace at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat.
Yarn sample card. The gold is straight off the bobbin. The olive has been wet finished.
Ellie (not) helping. In retrospect, I think she was trying to tell me she was hungry and I should be attending to her, not the loom.
Scarf finished. Starting a sampler for my records. 3/4" plain weave on each edge for a rolled hem.