The weather has turned COLD since I returned from SOAR. I don’t know if it’s been cold all along, but because of my self enforced confinement due to the cold pre-SOAR, I just didn’t notice it. In any case, the whispers in the back recess of my brain are now shrieking…Vests! Hats! Mitts! Something, anything, warm and snuggly.

I started the Hiker’s Waistcoat with Cascade Rustic from my stash. I’m going to put in a zipper instead of buttons.  This should have been a quick knit except I keep thinking I know where the pattern is going and knit merrily away, only to find out several inches later that my interpretation was off. Waaay off. So, I’ve done quite a bit of unknitting.  Why not just rip? I’m trying to keep track of row numbers so that the seaming will go easier.

The wool/linen blend is amazingly soft. I’m loving it so far.  The soft flowing of pure white to gray is mesmerizing. I can’t wait to wear it. I should have enough for a hat or something to go with.

Maybe some pictures after the most recent unknitting session.