There are 3 more days in the quarter. I’ve been trying to tackle all the WIPs to cut it down a bit in order to come close to my quarterly goals. I’m one sleeve plus 3″ from finishing one sweater, and most of a sock to go. I don’t know if I’ll make it.

My optimism went out the window after I bought yarn and started a holiday sweater vest for moi! the evening before the party that I wanted to wear it for. And the following day was a work day. Needless to say, I didn’t wear new duds for the party.

Overall, the vest took about 10 hours to do. I might have made it if I didn’t have to work that day. Once deflated, it sat in a corner until Boxing Day.

In any case, my shoulder is hurting again, and my left thumb is hurting from the way I hold my left needle. Yes, I can change my style for something more ergonomic. But that means slowing down. If I slow down, I don’t meet my self imposed deadline…

Some beautiful rovings came in the mail from The Dye Pot. I really want to play with it, but I have to focus on finishing this sweater.