I made it to Taiwan after 22 hours in airplanes and airports. I did work on the Patchwork Throw a bit. And as predicted, I did end up having one small ball of yarn roll away into the deep reaches.  Thankfully, it was a small ball and I was able to knit it off quickly.  (Attempts at retrieving only created a stringy mess.)  I didn’t pack a measuring tape so I can’t figure out my % to completion.  The only ruler I had was in the belly of the plane.

Next on the agenda — family time during the next 36 hours, which may stretch into 48-72+ hours.  It all depends on what Typhoon Parma decides to do. As it stands now, Parma is due to be in the sea between Taiwan and the Philippines come Sunday afternoon through Monday morning as a Category 2 storm.

Although my final destination is Panglao Island, which is several hundreds of miles south of Manila, I have to connect through Manila.  I am due to fly out to Manila on Sunday evening.  I am prepared for a flight delay.


Super Typhoon Parma bearing down on the Philippines. (Graphics courtesy of examiner.com)